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The fast and efficient delivery of clean water to our homes is one of the greatest gifts of modern civilization. Modern water systems test and treat our water to make sure that our waters are safe for use. However, that doesn’t mean that your water remains safe.

After leaving the treatment facility, your water can still pick up contaminants along the way. And no matter how good or how clean your tap or well water may seem, there is still some level of contaminants in it. Some are man-made and come from factories and underground pollution. Others come from our natural surroundings, from rivers and lakes that pick up things like acid rain, storm runoffs, and other polluters. Because of that, homeowners are turning to various solutions to add an additional layer of protection for them to get household clean drinking water. And one of the simplest and most efficient ways is to install a filtration system.

Benefits of Using a Water Filtration System

Before, water filtration systems were a luxury. But now, it has become one of the most common solutions for purifying contaminated water and turning it into household clean drinking water. Here are its benefits.

1. Safe Drinking Water Anytime

The worst things contaminated water can have are heavy metals which are dangerous for the health. Aside from that though, it can also contain elevated amounts of chemicals like chlorine and fluoride which can cause your skin to dry out or cause allergies to flare. Several parasites found in contaminated water can even cause gastrointestinal diseases. When you have a home water filtration system, these impurities are removed and you are further assured that the water you’re consuming and using is indeed safe.

2. Save Money

If you have clean water coming from your taps, you can tone down on buying bottled water for you and your family to use every day. Water filtration systems can also cut or reduce your plumbing repair bills by taking away the heavy metals, minerals, and chemicals that cause damage to your plumbing system and appliances.

3. Better Water Taste

Some things like chlorine, lead, and bacteria can cause your water to have a certain unpleasant taste and even smell. As the filtration system gets rid of these contaminants though, your water will improve in purity as well as taste and smell. It also lowers the pH level of the water you drink.

4. Helps Protect the Environment

Water bottles are everywhere. The problem is that they aren’t recycled and they don’t decompose for years. With safe and clean drinking water available from your taps though, you can help reduce the number of water bottles being thrown away and help in the fight to protect the environment.

5. Remove Soap Scum and Deposits

Chemicals in unclean water can build up over time and leave nasty deposits on clothes, dishes, appliances, and the like which causes them to smell different. These can also trigger rashes and allergies.

6. Enhanced Disaster Preparedness

There are plenty of accidents that can lead to your water line being contaminated like a sewer line bursting. With a filtration system, however, you’ll be protected and the risks of you getting sick from that contaminated water will be a lot lower.

Clean Home Water

Different Types of Water Filters

While water filtration works for most homes, not one system would work for all homes. Depending on the particular situation and the needs of the household, the methods employed for water filtration can vary. These methods are:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filter System

This is one of the best water filter systems for any home. It uses air pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane that filters 98% of total dissolved solids. In addition to that, it also has prefilters and postfilters that catch bigger particles or contaminants in addition to the RO membrane. These systems can also handle large amounts of water and are designed to operate in a central location before the water is distributed to the rest of the household.

Activated Carbon

Unlike other water filter systems, activated carbon systems are placed at the point of delivery meaning right before an individual faucet. The filter is placed inline with the faucet and as the water flows through it, it filters out parasites, heavy metals, and chemicals in the water. Although it is inexpensive and very easy to install, the filters need to be regularly replaced. They also work with just the faucets you’ve placed them on.

Cation Exchange Water Filter Systems

These systems are also known as exchange or softener systems and they’re designed as a whole house system. They work by creating positively charged ions that attract and hold on to the negatively charged ions of metals like calcium, magnesium, barium, and minerals that can negatively affect your health.

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